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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Adventures in a Salon

Well, the Pin Up shoot in all aspects has been great fun. On the second to last day of shooting, there was an addition to the shoot. No big deal really, but an addition. Not just another stylist, but a queen from Seattle. I can say queen even though we're in Ga right? No seriously, he'd be honored! Erin has not been in Ga long, but he's taking it all in. He wanted to do a series of shots on this awesome truck we were so lucky to borrow. The shots would not be for the calendar necessarily, but for him. So he suited up in his favorite skinny jeans, cowboy boots, big black glam ring and polished nails. (You can't tell here, but he had a better pedi then me!) Love, Love, Love this shot. It has attitude and a flair of vintage while keeping it's subject modern.

The second shot... well it just is. Love it too!
enjoy :)

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