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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pin Me Up!

Just finished the Pin Up shoot with High Maintenance Salon. BTW, if you are looking for a new stylist, ck these guys out. Samantha (Sam to most of us) is my stylist and I can't say enough good about her! While getting my hair done one day, we brainstormed this idea. 'how about a retro-style pin up for all the stylist here at the salon" I'm in! I've been wanting to do a shoot like this for good while, so it was perfect. We wanted to mimic the retro style pin ups of the 40's, 50's and 60's from the hair to the makeup to the clothes! It turned out to be sooo much fun! Makeup was done by Sonny (airbrushed flawlessly I might add) and Sam did all the hair. All of the hard work put into this shoot will be available to YOU too... on a calendar you can enjoy all year long. Calendars are set to be released in time for Valentines and proceeds will benefit the Joanna McAfee Foundation (
The first picture is of Iris. I love this picture of her! Look for more pictures soon. For now, I need another cup of joe!

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  1. Love the Blog Tracy can't wait to hear what you post next, great design too...I can feel your enthusiasm and excitement about photography...its got me psyched about my own photography. Thanks a million!!!! I owe ya (for giving me my mojo back...)


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