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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love is in the Air!

 I thought since it was February I'd take the opportunity to share some wedding photos. Not mine of course... but those from the first wedding from 2011. It was the wedding of Ashton and Tyler. The wedding was at the beautiful Hay House in Macon, Ga. With 18,000 sq ft, the Hay House has four levels and is topped with a three story cupola. Elegant is the definitely the word for this house. Being a natural light photographer, photographing indoors poses new challenges! Of course, I relied on my external flash and my huge reflector! Thank God for those. The first shot is of Ashton and her brides. And YES, it's in the bathroom. As soon as I spotted this bathroom, I knew I would set up a shot in here. The lighting in this room was angelic. It peered through the amazing stained glass and poured onto my subjects. With a bit of bounce on the front side, this shot would totally work! All that was left was to place the girls. I wanted Ashton to be the focus. I also wanted a unique angle so that she overpowered the shot.

The second shot is of just bridesmaids. All three bridesmaids were stunning! And this window was a perfect spot for a backlit portrait.

The third shot is of Ashton alone. Love the colors in this image. I don't think Ashton takes a 'bad' 

And the fourth shot a full length shot of Ashton in the entry hall. I can't imagine this being your first sight as you walk into a friends home today. Such grandeur!

Ashton wanted a shot up in the cupola. So in order to capture the architecture here I knew I'd need the fisheye! LOVE THE FISH EYE!! ;)

enjoy :)

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